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It’s important to shut down your Windows PC regularly – it saves you money, extends the life of your machine, and ensures that you get timely updates from Microsoft. If you don’t know how to schedule shutdowns for your PC, we’ll tell you how:

Scheduling shutdown on Windows

In the search area of your task bar, begin to type the word, “schedule”. The best match result should be the Windows “Task scheduler”. Click on it

Truncated windows start menu

A new window will appear. Click on create new task then name it, and give an appropriate description so that, in the future, you know what it does. A good name is “Windows shutdown”. Now click “next”.

Windows Task scheduler

On the next screen, you will be asked how often you want this task to run. It’s a good idea to shut Windows down regularly at a time when you know you will have finished using it for the day. Select “daily”, and then set the time you want windows to shut down. There is a box asking how often you want this task to recur. If you want Windows to shut down at the same time every day, set this value to 1, then click next.

set time for shutdown Window 10

When asked, “What action do you want the task to perform”, select Start a program, Type “shutdown” in the Program / script input field, then click next.

finalising Windows shutdown

Confirm all the details on the final screen, then click “Finish”. Windows will shut down on the schedule you have set.

It’s not difficult to make windows shut down on schedule!

By telling Windows to shut your PC down every night, you can save yourself a lot of money, time and unnecessary repairs. You can use Windows Task Scheduler to automate many tasks – not just shut down your computer.