Note – this piece was written for, which has migrated wholesale to

Well that’s the big question.

At the time of writing, exists behind my couch. I bought the name through Namecheap last week (nice, eh?) for a couple of quid, and decided to host it (and a bunch of other sites) myself.

The hardware it runs on is a 4GB Raspberry pi model 4B, which is sitting on top of my radiator, and which is also hosting a pretty solid Nextcloud 18 instance through a yet another domain. It’s an ARM powered beast.

I’m a journalist by trade, training, and inclination. I like writing, and although I haven’t been employed by an actual newspaper in the past decade, I make a reasonable living as a freelancer writing for sites such as, Ars Technica, and a few others. When times are hard, as they often are for freelancers, I hit

For articles I’ve written, but not yet sold, I have another domain name in mind. Possibly either or Maybe – all of which I’ve bought, and all of which I intend to use. There will be another post on one of my other sites about the proliferation of new TLDs and how this can be great for freelance writers looking for work.

But exists for things that affect the planet we live on. I’ll be covering health, environmental issues, technology, space, mining, and… other stuff.

Don’t expect wonderful writing to begin with. Right now, I’m pushing out articles to get an idea of the categories, the layout I’m going to use, and a feel for how the site is going to function. Great writing will come later.

As time goes on I’ll be implementing SSL through Lets Encrypt, and doing some other technical stuff. I’ve decided against using google ads for two reasons – the first is that they’re hella invasive, and I doing want to be a part of the global network which tracks exactly what you’re doing and sells the information. The other reason is that ads are ugly.

I do link to products which are available to buy on Amazon. If you click on the link and buy something, the site gets a trifling amount of money, so it would be nice if you did. The ‘save the planet, plant a tree’ banners are affiliate links but don’t contain any tracking code. They’re not following you round.

Again, if you could click on one every now and again and maybe buy something, that would be super cool.

Some version of this blurb exists on most of my other sites, for similar purposes.