The Crow!

Planet Earth Press has changed from how it was originally envisioned when we started it up a couple of months back.</p> The idea was that we would be writing about environmental topics, about space and science, and showing lovely pictures of nature.

We started off well – with (variable quality) original articles and photos (pinched from r/earthporn) every week.

But honestly, although we are concerned about planet Earth, we can’t say that we love writing about it exclusively. We want to write about… other stuff, and being tied to the planet earth theme is holding us back.

So we’ve decided to move the site to another domain name and ditch the pictures of outstanding natural beauty. We’re also ditching the commitment to publish on a weekly schedule, and we’ll be pushing out articles on whatever interests us whenever we want to.

So, what will this new / old site be called?

Over the last few months we’ve bought up a tonne of names on special offer at namecheap – ranging from £1 to £5. In addition to our current space at, these include:

We briefly spun up a couple of months back, but writing about freelancing is DULL, and we don’t want to run a jobs board.

While we like writing about tech from time to time, we don’t want to create yet another tech fan site, creaming ourselves over the latest Apple, Samsung, or whatever. We’ll leave that to the fanboys/girls – and are out. We like to think that we’re fairly plausible, but it isn’t quite right. currently hosts pictures of monsters and lighthouses drawn by my niece. seemed like a good idea at 3am.

We like the idea of running this site on First, it’s a .uk, and we’re physically located here, so that’s good. Crows are loud and squawk a lot, which suits us well. They’re also scavengers – we often scavenge news and from it, we formulate our own opinion articles. We also literally scavenge hardware, we go dumpster diving for tech on a semi regular basis.

Crows sit in trees or on top of buildings, waiting for an opportunity, before swooping in.

Lastly, to crow is to utter a triumphant cry. We like that.

We have new server hardware coming at some point next week – a spanky new 8GB raspberry Pi 4B, which will be taking over from our current 4GB Raspberry Pi 4B, and setting it up is going to involve a fair amount of work.

We’ll be migrating a fairly sizable Nextcloud instance, our Jellyfin server, our pleroma / mastodon server, photoprism, and a whole load of other web-facing software we can’t recall right now. The extra memory will let us run EVEN MORE!

After that we’ll migrate to, change the branding, and make some other changes. Hopefully, we’ll also improve quality control on our articles.

See you there.